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At World International Security, our goal is to assist our clients in maintaining a safe and profitable work environment for their employees and patrons by providing security measures and systems that are private, dependable, efficient and cost-effective. WIS evaluates every decision made to provide the best security solution unique to your company as well as ensure safety.

Our corporate and professional staff has served the citizens of the State of Florida, acting in an advisory role to government agencies, State Security Advisory Council, Florida Highway Patrol Council, Dade County Community Relations Board and Miami-Dade Police. The members of our management staff have years of experience in high-level positions in the fields of law enforcement and human relations. Our unrivaled professional standards, dedication and integrity have earned the respect of both our clients and our industry. Our on-site security personnel are recruited and trained according to rigorous standards. Officers and guards have backgrounds in the U.S. military, law enforcement and personal protection, to name a few.

We also stand apart from our competitors by actively participate in the works of local charitable and non-profit organizations in order to make South Florida a safer and more caring place to live.


"World International Security Inc. is a top-notch security company in South Florida; their personnel are highly trained security operators who constantly strive to provide the client with the most efficient, professional and cost effective service."
Mario A. Garcia
Major (Ret) City of Miami Police


"I emphatically know that WIS guards have been instrumental in maintaining our crime rate to almost being non-existent at both locations I personally endorse World International Security as a first-rate Security Guard company."
Victor Castro


"World International Security Inc. has gone beyond the call of duty to provide assistance or services that are outside of their contractual responsibility."
Jack Glottmann
President, Saglo Development Corporation